Alex Duggan is a visual artist working in Portland, OR. He received his BA in Studio Arts at Humboldt State University, with a concentration in painting.

Predominantly an illustrator, Alex takes from his daily sketches and doodles and creates a sprawling fantastical world of endearing and personable creatures and demons through ink, oils, acrylics, and watercolors. His works are often finished with gold leaf and detailed pattern work. Fueled by a desire to create a fantasy world for children, Alex hopes to someday become a Dr. Seuss 2.0 of sorts. His major influences are, first and foremost, Gustav Klimt, as well as John Tenniel, Maurice Sendak, Theodor Geisel, and Francisco Goya.

I take commissions in illustration, painting and photography. You name it, I'll draw it. Or paint it. I'm also very enthusiastic about working with other artists on collaborations, murals, or any such community projects, and will take most opportunities for the sake of exposure. Don't hesitate to contact me ! I love any feedback I can get. 

Thank you for viewing my website and my artwork, I hope you enjoy. 

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